Probate or Administration are the terms given to the process of distributing a persons estate after their death to their beneficiaries. It is the Executors (where there is a Will) or Administrators (where there is no Will) who are responsible for protecting the assets, obtaining the Grant of Probate or Grant of Administration, clearance letters from the Revenue Commissioners and Social Welfare, and ultimately distributing the assets to the persons entitled. The beneficiaries will be named in the Will. If there is no Will then the beneficiaries are established according to the rules of Intestacy.

We can assist in the administration of the Deceased’s estate and attend to the legal formalities which include the following;

  • Arranging with the deceased's bank for prompt payment of the funeral expenses
  • Gathering information, calculations for the completion of Revenue Returns prior to the application to the Probate Office
  • Application for Grant of Probate in cases where a person dies having made a will.
  • Application for Grant of Administration in cases where a person dies without having made a will.
  • Examination of rights of those entitled to the property of the deceased.
  • Examination of rights of spouse and rights of children arising as a result of the deceased having made a will or having died intestate.
  • Completing inheritance tax returns.
  • Sale or distribution of property and assets and distribution of net proceeds to beneficiaries.

Basic Information and documents required to commence probate/administration of a Deceased’s Estate:

  • A copy of the death certificate of the deceased.
  • A copy of the funeral account i.e. funeral, burial and undertakers expenses
  • The original Will and any amendments or attachments if any OR
  • If there is no Will, a list of all next of kin of the Deceased:- To include: spouse, children, parents, brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews. Relatives who pre-deceased the deceased must also be disclosed.
  • The addresses of all beneficiaries/Next of Kin
  • The occupations and RSI (PPSN) tax numbers of all beneficiaries/next of kin
  • A list of Assets of the Deceased including property, bank accounts, Credit Union accounts, Post Office accounts, shares held, bonds, cars etc.
  • Details of debts of the Deceased to include funeral expenses, loans, mortgages, utility Bills, credit card bills etc.
  • Details of the Deceased's RSI (PPSN) tax number
  • Details of the Deceased to include: His/Her address and former addresses, occupation, date of birth, marital status. If Separated/Divorced, contact details of former spouse. Whether they lived in Ireland or abroad. Number of children, etc.
  • Details of previous bequests/inheritances to the deceased.
  • Evidence of property ownership e.g. title deeds to house, mortgage, bank books/lodgement slips etc.

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