Taxation Law

Taxation and its implications must be considered in nearly every business or legal property transaction and your solicitor is usually involved in the initial stages of such a transaction. We are very aware that the early identification of potential tax issues saves time and money and Michael, being an AITI (Associate of the Irish Institute of Taxation) Qualified Solicitor, is ready to assist you in this sometimes complex and difficult area.

We look forward to working with our client's accountancy and tax advisors to achieve optimum results for our clients.

We offer taxation advice in the following areas:-

  • Capital Acquisitions Tax ("CAT") (Inheritance/Gift Tax)

Advising on CAT implications, reliefs and exemptions. Preparation, drafting, and filing of CAT returns and obtaining Certificates of Discharge from CAT.

  • Retirement/Inheritance Planning and Wills

Tax planning with a view to Retiring, tax planning for gifts or inheritances and advising on drafting wills with a view to minimising the relevant taxes and identifying possible reliefs/exemptions.

  • Capital Gains Tax ("CGT")

Advising on C.G.T. implications and possible reliefs/exemptions available. Preparation, drafting and filing of CGT computations/Returns in respect of Asset and property disposals. 

  • Property Transaction Taxes

Identifying and advising on the tax implications of property transactions.

  • Setting up a Business

Advising on the tax and legal implications of setting up different business structures

  • Stamp Duty

Advising on stamp duty provisions and reliefs including relief available on company re-organisations, amalgamations, transfers between associated companies, transfers between related individuals, gifts, etc.

  • Trusts

Advising on the legal and tax implications of trusts.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your particular tax requirements, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.