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We provide a quality service at a competitive price. We appreciate that clients will want to know in advance how much they will have to pay. When we quote a price for work to be done (e.g. Residential Conveyancing), the actual cost will only increase when significant and unexpected extra work is required and we will notify you in advance of any such change.

In complex or contentious matters, the difficulty for solicitors (and clients) is that in a lot of cases it can be difficult for the solicitor to predict the outcome of the matter and so can only give an estimate of charges. The Law Society pamphlet which explains the basis on how solicitors charge is very helpful. Please click here to view the guide.

How our fees are based:
As per the Law Society pamphlet linked above, we base our fees on the complexity of the work, time involved, level of expertise required and urgency of the work.
However, some matters lend themselves to an accurate quotation in advance (i.e. Residential Conveyancing, Wills, Probate,) and this is unlikely to change save for unforeseen difficulties.

Please note that Solicitors are not allowed in contentious matters, such as personal injury, to take a percentage of an award that you are given.