When selling, what are the costs?

As well as the solicitors professional fee, there are a number of fees/expenses to be paid to third parties.   

The typical charges connected with the sale of a house are the following;

(i)Obtaining the deeds of property from Bank/Lending institution (if applicable) €40.00 -€65.00

Commissioner for Oath fees -  It will be necessary to have several Statutory Declarations relating to Family Home legislation, Planning matters etc sworn before a third party solicitor.                                              €40.00 approx.

(iii)  Bank Fees– Bank/Lending Institution may charge one off fee to discharge mortgage  €50.00 approx.


(iv)  PRA/Registry of Deeds charge a fee to register the discharged mortgage        €25.00/€20.00


(v)  In addition to the above, there may be a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability on the sale of the property.   The sale of your own residence is generally exempt from CGT, so long as the house qualified as your Principal Private residence (PPR) for the duration of your ownership.  If the property was solely an Investment property or your home did not qualify as your PPR at any stage of your ownership, there may be a CGT liability incurred (if you made a profit) and this figure must be calculated and paid to the Revenue within a specific time period, so as not to incur interest and surcharges.  We provide a full service in claiming CGT relief (if applicable), calculating the CGT and making the relevant return on your behalf. 

      Please see our TAXATION SECTION (CLICK HERE) for further information.     


For more information on fees and a breakdown of the fees relevant to your particular sale, please Contact Us